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Now we know a little bit more about The Serenades than we did back in April, when we blogged about their first single “Birds” and the mysterious involvement of Adam Olenius of theShout Out Louds.

Details have been revealed, and they’re promising. Adam, the main songwriter, singer and guitarist for the Swedish indie rock group, has teamed up with Markus Krunegard of Laakso, and the super-duo have produced an ecstatic, polished EP.

Growing up has some nice aspects. For instance, the friends we meet later in life, when we’ve become more like the person we want to be. Markus and Adam met at a gas station off the highway while they were both touring with their respective bands, and as they became friends, a musical collaboration just happened. The two artists, both successful songwriters on their own, set down some ground rules, like only working on songs during their studio time, and always singing together.

Another nice thing about the flow of years is that we get better at our jobs. Markus and Adam have carved out a niche somewhere between indie pop, electro, and 80s rock that’s musical, cogent, and sincere. The sweeping violin arrangements and choirboy harmonies ground the rock rhythms, as opposed to burying them, and “Oceans” is a shiny take on 2011′s wash of sound that sticks.

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Comment by AmyPond on December 19, 2011 at 5:09pm

Serenades.... :)


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