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YAY! IT'S FINALLY SUMMER! I got out on Thursday. That day I cried more than I ever did in my life. Why? Because A lot of my friends are leaving our school and my best friend in the whole wide world that's like my long lost sister Waffle a.k.a Alysha is moving to Michigan. We said that we'd definitely keep in touch. I am really going to miss her and she's leaving on June 4. The day right after that I went to a going away party for one my friends who just graduated from College. EVERYONE'S LEAVING ME! WAH! I am really excited for the summer though. I am going on a trip to NYC and Pennsylvania. My friend Val is coming the day right after Waffle leaves. Okay so Val can get on my nerves sometimes but she's still my friend. I AM SO EXCITED! WOOHOO!

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