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mmkayyyys, so i lovelovelove summer. obviously! i mean, schools great, but i get a break from cheerleading and dance for part of the summer! theres really no break from lacrosse between me and my brothers, but thats okay(:. anywaysss, i dont want a break from singing. all of my friends tell me to be an actress, i love acting to death. yeah, ive been in lotsa plays, but id rather start out in singing, ya know? ill be in PA soon, and my best friend there wants to sing too. when we were little, we told everyone we were sisters and we thought wed be the next cheetah girls(: haha, i dont know about cheetah print, but i do think well do somethinggg together! alls i want to do is perform. i dont really care about fame, but i want everyone to know what i can do.

itll happen (;

summe ris full of crazy possibilities.

and even if this is just a dream, its a darnn good one(:

kkkk, imma go check my facebook, then, who knows what?

dream some more, thats my specialty(:

haha, kkbyee

rebecca (BZ) priceee <3

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