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Movies (regardless of genre or the form they take) are all about telling a story (even adverts). 

And when the story is a well told / just plain awesome, people eat it up.

Now what makes a good story?

Generally it has 4 ingredients:

  1. Believable Characters which are also relatable even in fantastic or unbelievable situations.
  2. The characters have goals. Ones that can be easily identified, but also represent a challenge. Its not just the hero character, but all characters that should have goals.
  3. The story has a setting, a place. Whatever the setting, it will help set the tone and can almost become a character in its own right.
  4. There are the Actions of the characters and what they say. A real trick is making sure the actions of a character fit their personality given the events of the story. For example the wise mystic sensing extreme danger, should probably decline drinks offered to them from the enemy…

Putting this together will often take a series of writes and rewrites, to get the story to a point where it is good.

It takes a lot of effort.

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