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Here we are, all TH' s fans know what hapened in the last weeks to the guys with the oppressive stalking action against them. Italian fans moved together to scream against the stalkers and support the band, through two fanactions:


After what happened in the latest days, Italy decided to stand out against the creepy case known as stalking - which hits hard our beloved music band.
Joined by the same goal, THOIF (Tokio Hotel Official Italian Forum) and THOIFC (Tokio Hotel Italian Fan Club) are now starting a "STOP STALKING" project.

It's easy to take part in it. We're willing to give everyone an impressive message. We want everyone to understand that violating people's privacy, breaking through their lives forcefully and not allowing them to live and work quietly, this is wrong. It's oppressive and goes against all principles of politeness and respect.

We're planning to make a video, including your pictures, drawings, or videos portaying Stalking. They should be as much realistic as you can, should show how heavy and distressing this is.

eg. A girl walking along the street, and someone following her.

No kidding!
It's something horrible, agonizing! Imagine living it!
We mean to make fans and non-fans from all over the world aware of this situation. We want to reach their personal experience. Each and everyone of us has felt what feeling insecure means, even at home. isn't it scary?
Let us scream it!

Stop! Leave them live!

Send your videos, pictures and drawings by 3 May to: [email protected]

Thank you.

THOIF and THOIFC staff


This fan action is to send thousands of equal postcards to Bild's editorial,who has already written several times about Tokio Hotel fans,and they could give us some space again,if this FA will be successful.
Here the image you have to put in your postcard to send (thanks to asterina/Thoifanclub)

(click on to enlarge)

Here's how:

- You can print this picture and stick it on a white postcard or a normal one(of your town,for example)by covering the original image with this one above.

Then send your postcard to this address(Bild's editorial)

10969 BERLIN

Thanks for your support!


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