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Stop promoting Flipsyde through Tokio Hotel

Why don't you promote artists like regular record copanies do instead of pushing gossip crap on another successful band.

Chantelle should shut up about personal items (which she doesn't know anything about) And don't say the fans ask. Nobody is forcing her to answer. Nice way would be: "That's private for them to tell you" or maybe an honest answer of "I don't know".

Martin - What an unprofessional person you can be with backing this type of publicity. You are just as bad as Chantelle. Just so happens she shows up in the chat room when you do when you know people would be asking about Tokio Hotel. Oh please....what a fake. I hope the band finally puts their foot down and changes record companies. That would be the biggest laugh and a happy good bye to you and Chantelle.

Stop being fake and start promoting like a professional organization.

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Comment by Fernanda on July 19, 2009 at 10:32pm
I agree completely with what you said, they have to stop doing promotion to him to the band Flipsyde to it consists of TH ....

Of all forms this be continue, for that eviden the boys of TH or at least it twins are agree with this, since evidently they don't think to speak on any topic...

The only thing that I wait that, they are recording the CD, because if after this wait, they give me a CD that does not cost a sorrow...I will be really very disappointed of them...

They are children, have 19 years and for more mature that they could act, they will being children or sorry, adolescestes in way to being adults ...

Excuses grammatical mistakes ..;)

Comment by ♠Nidira♠ on July 19, 2009 at 7:02pm
I have to say that I agree at this point and I blogged about it myself (letter included). Their personal lives are just that: Personal.

I'm gonna go to the Ciniema Bizarre thing and say this: When asked about personal matters (such as his girlfriend), Yu tells fans when they're going into touchy territory, in a roundabout, polite way, telling them to mind their own because it's just not our business. This mess with TH is exactly the same, only the twins aren't there to tell people to leave it alone. It's sad that no one but the people apparently deemed 'fake fans' are the only ones that realize that.


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