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As you know in recent days, appeared again and again by Tokio Hotel photos, taken by fans. Unfortunately for some, joy for others. Today are more pictures and videos on the Internet. But so far the so-called fans are stalkers? Fans of Hamburg, have reported on the disastrous situation of children in the study.

About 5 cars in front of the study and about 20 fans camped in a tent camp to take pictures of Tom's new hairdo. They intend to stay there for a few days during the Easter holidays. The neighbors have called the police.
There is evidence that some fans have broken the fence of the garden, had tried to enter the study, and all this has destroyed the nerves in that Bill said that he had finished crying desperately for this. Now we have taken necessary security measures: video cameras that have control over a distance of 20 meters around the studio.

What f*** happens to these fans?!
What do they want? Bridging the patience and affect they career? They do not want anything more with the fans? Why not buy a life and stop harass them? Have enough pressure with his job as walking holding a group of idiots without a brain 24 hours a day!!!

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