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Sting is a perfect example of true musicianship so it was refreshing to see him on this site working it. Somewhere along the way it seems technology took the place of talent. Similarly look no further than the whole autotune debate thats current. So its nice to see people display talent, GaGa as well appears to be a fantastic musician. BTW Paparazzi video.....classic, I got it and it was brilliant.

I do have a Sting story. I went to see him in Indianapolis I think it was 3 or 4 years ago. His guitar player came on before Annie Lennox and played some songs. I was actually front row because my boss had season passes to the venue and his wife couldn't make it so I was "the stand in". The whole night I was looking over my shoulder like Jason Bourne hoping he wouldn't put his hand on my knee expecting some payment. However I think he was too lazy to drive but it was worth it.

So Sting comes out while this guy is playing to sing a song. As he is singing the whole venue is sitting. Being front row, I decided I would walk up to the stage and snap a picture but I wasn't going to stand and block people. I stood up and got on both knees and took the picture. Sting saw the flash and looked down and in the middle of his verse he saw me on my knees and stopped his singing mid sentence and said "Bless you my son". Then he couldnt finish the lyrics in that verse because he was too busy laughing his a** off. He thought that was funny and you know what so did I. In fact he thought it was hilarious, I thought it was awesome.

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