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Stellar Review from The Boston Herald for Robyn's 'Body Talk Pt. 1'

“Body Talk Pt. 1” (Konichiwa/Cherrytree): A-

Fembots need love, too. And they need to “initiate slut mode” when the mood strikes. So says cheeky Swedish pop diva Robyn, who can get you tee-hee-ing as you work up a sweat on the dance floor. Her eight-song EP, the first of three planned for release this year, begins with the percolating club banger “Don’t (expletive) Tell Me What to Do,” which offers a laundry list of vices and guilt-inducing woes. “Dancehall Queen,” a collaboration with Diplo, gleefully merges Jamaican beats with Euro-disco. And, sorry, Gaga, but “Dancing on My Own” is 2010’s best dance song. Download: “Fembot.”

Taken from the Boston Herald Website.

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