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This blog post is for Tokio Hotel fans, but it can also apply to other fan groups.

alot of dedicated fans are worried about the groups they love getting stalked.
i just want to say that stalking isnt right. rather some one is popular or not.
also on top of that, someone might say " welll they are the ones who decided to become famous, that puts their life out there" actually it doesn't.
what they themselves put out there for the media, thats whas for us fans.
not the other stuff we had to stake out for late at night.. or the stuff we had to sneak out of their bosses or family members.
the boys of tokio hotel get their privacy, but not as much as they should.
think of it this way,
if you were a famous person, would you want people digging thru your personal things? things that you dont want people to know about? things that happened in the past?
i know its hard waiting for new albums dvd's photoshoots and merch to come out, but do you have to expose and herass the bois for it?
i also know that sometimes the paparazzi gets us pictures that we long for and information that makes us happie, like about toms dreads (sad, yes i know i cant believe they are gone ither!) but at the same time, if he wanted us to know when it happened dont you think they would of made some kind of voice recording or something? think about this, what if the group were going to do a special photoshoot, just for us fans, to us their new hair styles? wouldnt that be an amazing gift from the boys? but instead, the surprise was ruined:(

fans of tokio hotel and other groups, please know your limits, and stick with them. dont go pass because its not always right.

Thank you,

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Comment by Katherine Chilosa Kaulitz on April 14, 2009 at 6:34pm
Veronica theres no mistakes :)

&& Aimee Pan yes i agree thats what a paparazzi does so its kinda of hard on both sides. its their life style
but at the same time its wrong. its a two sided sword if you get what i mean.
Comment by Aimee Frying Pan on April 13, 2009 at 4:13pm
Yeah, i agree. But, thats what a paparazzi is suppose to do i guess, i mean.. if they dont.. they loose their jobs, no paycheck. And everything else would go wrong :( But i also agree with you :)
Comment by Veronica on April 13, 2009 at 3:05pm
i agree with u....
they are people too...they want to have personal life....
(sorry for the mistakes)


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