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Stalkers can go straight to HELL!!! But what can we do?

As you may all know, stalkers have become a huge problem for our fav band, Tokio Hotel.
Those stalkers didn't just followed them everywhere for six months, thay attacked their mother Simone, they threatened to hurt their best friend Andreas and got Tom involved in a "crime".

What can we do now?

Well, first of all, support Tom and TH. He's innocent. In normal conditions he would NEVER hit a woman.
(I mean, what would you do in his place? take her to a hotel? I don't think so)

Second, find ways to make them know how much we love them. (put comments on their spaces saying that you support them but don't mention the stalkers)

And last but not least (and it's up to you if you believe or not) PRAY.
Actually that's all we can do besides what I mentioned before since we far away from them. We would sure love to make a human fence around their house to protect them but we can't so ask God to take care of them in your place.
Divine power is stronger than any other (I believe so)

thanks for your attention
God bless you all.


God, please bless Tokio Hotel and their loved ones

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Comment by Mecki*~*my*~*Love on April 19, 2009 at 7:36am
We all support you Tom 100%!!!! You did nothing wrong! We love you!!!!


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