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I haven't blogged here in awhile and I felt like I should. So I am on spring break so far, I'm not going to lie it's been already crazy, loco, wild and it was only day one. The day is already close to an end and I am soo excited for more adventures, excitement, crazy, loco events, bring it as long as they're good. I got to see Janet Jackson well sort of hehehe. I saw Irina and Diane <3 which made half of my day besides my haircut and repatching my friendship with someone I really care about and are good friends with.But all good things come to and end, its soo true and relevant well not all things but I mean love, friendships and etc. I ended a friendship I think Im not sure but let's not delve into this. I got cool gear thou I cant wait to wear it and especially when I see Natalia Kills Live I got my "killer" outfit ready,lol...Yes I am a geek like that :)

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