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Spin Review Disclosure's "Settle" with an 8/10 Rating

Settle doesn't settle; each new track finds them testing their own formulas. "Stimulation" is one of the closest things to a pure club banger here, with a buzzing bass line reminiscent of old speed garage and yelping vocals that sound like Basement Jaxx at their most subterranean; slower but equally rousing, "Grab Her" slings a Dilla sample down a funhouse hallway of chromatic bass stepping and drums as cutting as the lid on a freshly opened tin. At the other end of the spectrum, there's "Help Me Lose My Mind," an achingly beautiful, slow-motion house number featuring angelic, pining vocals from London Grammar. Between the sensual shuffle, opalescent harmonies, and romantic lyrics ("Could it be easy to start over? / Somehow I will bring you"), it's pretty much tailor-made to be the last song the DJ plays on the most heartbreakingly perfect night of your life — preferably on a beach in Croatia, staring into the eyes of the love of your life, or at least the next 72 hours of your life.

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