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Space Cowboy Interview with

Space Cowboy gave an awesome interview to which details his French roots, passion for Hip-Hop, his label Tiger Trax, working with Fatboy Slim and his success in Japan! Check out a sample below, and read the full interview over on

One of my favorite tracks on the new albums is, “Imma Be Alright (Rent Money).” What's the craziest thing you've ever spent your rent money on?

Oh, my! [laughing] Well, I spend far too much money on clothes. I spend far too much money to try and entertain people when I don't have the money. I've been guilty of doing that. More times than I care to mention, yes, sometimes I get that carried away. And before you know it, you spend all your money and you're like, “Aarrgh! I can't pay my rent.” I just did one of those little things, and yes, it's unfortunate but true. I'm quite frivolous. I've always been frivolous and I think I'll always be frivolous. But I'm alive and well and making music, so I have no complaints.

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Comment by Annie on November 19, 2009 at 2:47pm


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