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So, you all know Space Cowboy, the french/brit sexy guy that is always falling down, well now we know the reason of why he spends so much time on the ground, its becouse the bah nuh nahs!! and I get him, if u eat too many bah nuh nahs u will end up falling couse of the peels.
And as he party like animal, i bet he parties like monkeys with his bah nah nuhs.
But he needs to stop using his rent money buying bah nuh nahs, I know he will be devastated without them but he needs his rent unless he wants to live in an Invisible house and talking on his sleep with his bah nuh nah problems.
I don't know if u can find bah nuh nahs on Egypt, Can u? cause if the u cant he will be pissed and would rather stop being Nadia Oh's egipcian lover if so.
He needs to be careful tho, if he eats too many bah nuh nahs he'd be flying acroos the sky from the toilet. But there is no need to worry cause he is a start, a Digital Rock Star!

So.. I eat bah nuh nahs
U eat bah nuh nahs
So why don't we eat bah nuh nahs together??

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Tags: bah, cowboy, digital, nahs, nuh, rock, space, star


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