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Sorry For Party Rocking Tour - Allstate Arena & Studio Paris After Party - Chicago, IL. 05/26/12

Call me a bad son... this show was on May Mother's birthday is May 26th.  She was in Louisville and I...was in Chicago for the Sorry for Party Rocking Tour.  It was really cool when I was driving through Target's parking lot which was across the street from the venue and Matthew Koma was walking into the department store. 


My Detroit and Columbus blogs have dealt with this tour so Chicago was pretty much in line with those concerts..just more refined.  Sadly they did not do "Seven Nation Army" during the Keytar vs. Guitar segment of LMFAO's show as they did in Detroit.  However this segment was even more fun because again they got together and worked out other tunes and riffs to play.  The scary moment was when one of the Quest Crew guys at the finale of a song flipped off the front of the stage.

Chicago was my first chance to meet the Cherrytree Cola Car.  The Cherrytree Cola Car is like Screwface in Steven Seagal's "Marked for Death"...He have two hood and 4 headlights.  Most of you will not get that.  The red twin car was on the west coast, but the white twin car was in Chi-town.  This was my very first taste of Cherrytree Cola.  Now understand I am not one to tell anyone what they want to hear.  The fact is I don't like fruit, furthermore I don't like fruit drinks.  Therefore my option was to not say anything here about it, or be honest and honestly I liked it.  In fact I want more of it.  It just happened to work out that way and thus I report that. 


This particular stop I had the opportunity to go to a club called "Studio Paris".  I snapped some pictures of LMFAO doing a really cool and intimate set for the party people equipped with dancers, confetti, and a bachelorette party who was in right club at the right time.  When it was known Sidney Samson was in the room, he was quickly brought up to the DJ table.  This was when he decided to spin the Dirty Bass track and the Far East Movement actually filmed it.  I linked their vid below.  Andrea, Scott, Kelvin, and I do appear quickly in a frame or two of this video at around :51.  (Embeded video credit:  KevNish)








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Comment by Cherrytree Radio on June 30, 2012 at 6:19pm

"Happy Birthday Mom...Sorry for Party Rockin'"

I got the "Marked for Death" reference.


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