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Sorry For Party Rocking Tour - Prudential Center - Newark, NJ. 06/29/12

Well it had been a few weeks since I had seen the Sorry for Party Rocking Tour in Chicago.  I was curious to see how the show had evolved and it did not disappoint.  First of all Matthew Koma in a brilliant social marketing move started giving out backstage passes if you followed him on twitter and were chosen in a nightly giveaway.  Being that about 98% of concert goers all want to be backstage..this is really smart.  I also noticed that they incorporated video to the screens during the sets which I thought was a nice touch.  Koma plays two songs not on the EP he distributes which are excellent songs and shows great promise for his is "Neon Red" and another I find utterly fantastic called "One".


Another cool edition was a video intro for Eva Simons showing different artists like Far East Movement and even Cherry Cherry Boom Boom asking "Where's Eva?". "Take Over Control" always excites the crowd but I really enjoyed "I Don't Like You" now that I have heard it a few times.  That tune is pretty solid and she was hitting the high note live.


Sidney Samson had a great set here getting the crowd going with Kanye/Jay Z and Gotye...basically the big hits out at the moment with a cool video in the background. 


Far East Movement came out and yet again the bass would rattle your bones.  J-Splif was ill this night but you couldn't tell by how well he performed.  I noticed on this tour that I really like KevNish doing the Justin Beiber hook in "Live My Life" better than the original.  They brought the high energy that explodes in 3 different directions with a solid set that got the crowd ready for LMFAO.


As for LMFAO the set was as tight as always though it was minus one member of the Quest Crew.  I remember this kid in particular because he is the keytar player mentioned in some of my previous blogs.  In Chicago he actually did a flip and landed off the front of the stage which gave everyone a scare.  Now it seems he has torn an ACL just showing that the Sorry for Party Rocking Tour is very physical and demanding and thus has a DL list like sports teams.  Another new addition was a female version of the shufflebot.  That was very cool during La La La.  Again it was interesting to see how this show has evolved over the duration of the tour.



Lastly this is the shirt FM's tour manager had on, I thought it was great :)

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Comment by Candace on July 2, 2012 at 12:13pm

Great Review! I hope J-Splif and the Quest Crew Member are doing better!


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