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Sorry For Party Rocking tour, June 28th, Uncasville CT, Mohegan Sun Arena

I was actually a little nervous coming to the show, though there were plenty of other emotions making my stomach knot. Excitement being one of the main. I had no idea what the night entailed! I had bought my tickets with my first ever paycheck from my new job, and I have to say, it was a paycheck well earned. We got to the venue maybe a little later than I’d hoped, but the doors hadn’t even opened yet! Though they were due to open at 6:30, it wasn’t until almost quarter to seven that they opened. (I seem to have this problem with Mohegan, as staff seem to run around like headless chicken on most occasions I’m there.)

I quickly made my way downstairs and into the pit, graced with a single green bracelet. I knew I had no access to the VIP pit, but when I realized how close I was to the stage in just GA, I was alright. However, the four girls next to me weren’t not alright with this, and continued to hound one of the staff until he gave them VIP pit bracelets. This is where I pleaded my case, saying I had come from a long way, alone, with no friends, and I had bonded with the girls. After convincing him I was over eighteen, he gave me a bracelet, and I was in.

I had a great spot, right at the corner of the stage, and I talked briefly with other Party Rockers that had no idea who the other acts were. I quickly explained to them who everyone was, and why they were all there. Shortly after, DJ Virman came on the stage to get ready for Matthew Koma’s set. I was so nervous right then! I cheered a little bit, and then Matthew came on stage.

He’s a great performer! He really knows how to grab a crowd’s attention, and except for one girl making explicit gestures at him, it seemed the crowd really enjoyed him. It was great to feel that energy from the crowd, even from an act most didn’t even know. I have to say, I think he left with quite a lot of fans.

After he headed off stage, Virman remained behind, and that’s when Eva Simmons came on. Her energy is amazing, and she had the crowd singing along to her lyrics. It was great to hear the words coming from behind me, as well, and not just from the girl on stage. She interacted well with the crowd, and I even braved a few fist pumps.

During her set, I got a text about the meet n greet, so when the time came I left in search of the meeting area. I spoke with a few fans, and even some of the staff, while we waited. As we were being let in, I was told I couldn’t enter. I had a slight panic attack! But one of the staff who I had been talking to came to my rescue and ushered me in. I was going to meet LMFAO!

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea while we waited, and she was even kind enough to take a picture with me! I could hear someone DJing in the background, and was pleased to find out the giant iPod was there. I don’t recall the name Andrea had given me for it, but it had something to do with -zilla. When I was finally able to enter, it was Party Mike who was DJing away. I was very impressed.

I handed off my camera to Scott, and stepped up to get my picture taken. Redfoo and Sky Blu are some of the sweetest guys I will have the honor of meeting. Sky Blu recognized my friend’s name immediately when I told him about her, and Redfoo gave me a big smile when I told him it was great to meet him. As I excited, I asked Kelvin and Scott for a picture, and after the meet n greet was over, kindly took the time to take a picture with me.

On my way out, I saw FartboxQ, Nate, Charlie Pearl, and The Shuffle Bot/Furroshus. It was amazing! I spoke with them a while, and Charlie even showed me her Hello Kitty tattoo! It looks amazing, and I hope I can see the finished product one day. I got a hug from Q, Nate, and Furr, and Furr even photobombed a picture I was taking with Q. Not that I minded! Furr is actually really sweet, and I'm glad I was able to get another photo with him. I had tweeted him earlier, and he mentioned that he saw it. I have to say, these guys are a fun bunch, and while I felt shy and nervous, was able to put it aside and be myself with them.

I told Andrea about the gifts I had prepared for Far East Movement, and she said she’d be able to let me meet them. After enjoying LMFAO’s set for about twenty minutes, I was summoned backstage to meet them. While waiting, I met one of the Dirty Bass crew, and Matthew Koma. I took a photo with each. They were very kind to me, and Ben even chatted with me for a bit while I waited for FM.

I’m actually not too sure how I was able to keep calm with them five feet from me (and I mean this quite literally!). I met eyes with Prohgress as he was talking. When they were finished with that, they came over to meet me. They knew who I was immediately, and Prohgress even asked if I had been the one to message him about the gifts (Dirty Bass luggage tags, with their name on each). They really enjoyed them! Virman even mentioned that sometimes he accidentally grabbed Proh’s bag. I got hugs from them all, and even took a picture with them! Kev also put a picture of the tags on Instagram, and asked me which one he should put up.

I mentioned my mother briefly, and Kev seemed really excited that she might be there. Sadly, I had to tell them, no, she wasn’t, for she had just had knee surgery. Jsplif sent his get well wishes. (His hair is amazing!) I got more hugs from them when it was time to go, though Virman had run off already. Andrea walked me back to the arena, where I stayed to enjoy more of LMFAO’s show before I had to leave.

Oh! I even caught a glowstick that Charlie threw to the crowd when LMFAO went on!

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Comment by allie on July 1, 2012 at 11:45am

Thanks, Tony!

Comment by Cherrytree Radio on June 30, 2012 at 6:10pm

Thanks for the report Allie, glad you had a good time at the show!

Comment by Alice on June 29, 2012 at 2:59am

Lol Ben the Beautiful Mannnnnn. /shot

No srsly, though, I'm so happy for you. Everyone in Cherrytree is so amazing! ^^

Did you post Kev Nish to me first class or should I expect to wait a while?


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