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Sorry For Party Rocking Tour - The Palace at Auburn Hills - Detroit, MI. 05/23/2012

I was excited to go to Detroit due to the fact I was dying to drop into American Jewelry and Loan (AKA Hardcore Pawn).  After that excursion I made my way to Auburn Hills for the Sorry For Party Rocking stop at the Palace and being fashionably early, I walked laps around the venue.

Matthew Koma and Eva Simons put on strong performances as I had seen previous in Columbus.  Sidney Samson and Far East Movement did fantastic as well though if you had a pacemaker or were pregnant, I wouldn't have suggested being near the front speakers during "Dirty Bass".  The bass was like a sledgehammer.  I was impressed with the reaction of the crowd and it was very very positive and electric.  I have been to many shows in Detroit and that's a hard crowd to please.  I feel like that area has taken the brunt of the economic downturn so if an artist does not deliver their money's worth, I have seen the crowd turn hostile.  This night however the people of Detroit partied and for a few hours escaped into a world where their troubles did not matter...only animal print pants outta control.  This was also a hometown of sorts for LMFAO being that their family has a rich and legendary history in Detroit

Everything was in line with what I had seen in Columbus until LMFAO came to the stage.  LMFAO was the most choreographed and planned out show of the tour, yet at the same time they looked for ways to improve.  One improvement was during "La La La".  Redfoo put on a harness and was suspended above the stage...probably 30 feet and playing his keytar.  Another improvement I had seen was at the previous show during the end of a song, Red and Sky fell to the ground as if to pass out from drinking.  At that point some of the dancers simulated trying to pull their limp bodies off the stage.  When the lights went out, Red and Sky just jumped up and ran off.  At this show, they brought out stretchers and carried Red and Sky off..wonderful improvement.

There was also a cool part where the guitar player of LMFAO squared off against a quest crew keytar player.  It was like a dueling banjos of sorts.  In Columbus the guitar player played riffs like "Sweet Child of Mine" and the keytar player did some improvisational jams and runs.  However they must have corresponded on the bus because the keytar player learned some riffs and the highlight was Redfoo grabbing a drumstick and playing drums as the guitar player did an impromptu version of the White Stripes "Seven Nation Army".  It was funny because SkyBlu knew the song but didn't know all the words thus Redfoo would chime in on those lines.

The verdict on Detroit.....more relaxed and tightened up.

Cherrytree tote bag making an appearance.


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