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Sopport Tokio Hotel Voting NOW! March MTV Madness

Okay We need your votes, this is to all those TH fans out there. This Poll has somewhat become a TH fans vs. TH Haters. ( It should be about the artist in question) I have been at this for hours trying to get TH back up again. They where ahead by 20% then in a matter of 5 minutes ( I kid you not) Tokio Hotel became 20% BEHIND in the poll. It took The fans 5 HOURS to get it back to neck and neck.

Now the reason WHY the poll is so hard for TH fans is due to the fact that other bands fan-bases whom are working together to get rid of the threat of Tokio Hotel. I am talking SEVEN elite fan-based bands are voting to kick Tokio Hotel out of the elites. Not very fair if you ask me. I mean Tokio Hotel is on their own here with no other fan-bases helping. We need all the help we can get at this point.

How the voting works VOTE for TOKIO HOTEL. This poll runs ONE VOTE PER COMPUTER.

So make your vote count.


P.S. If they are ahead we want if further! Go for 70% We need ll the help that we cam muster.

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