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♪ ♫ (intro) 



Do you wake up every morning, having a habit everyday?

When you leave your home, is it on your mind each day?


You can't eat

You can't sleep

You can't breathe

without it


every night

you can't live

without it

yet you know, it is bad, it is wrong

but you cannot walk away, so you say


CHORUS 1:  "maybe tomorrow, they'll be no sorrow

                          I'll break the habit, because I'm not like them

                          and one day I'll look back and get my life on track

                          'cuz this just isn't's not who I want to be

                           no (x3)


And so you carry on, but the habit gets worse each day

now you're lying on the ground, and you're crying make it go away


You're alone

you're afraid

yet and still

you want it

You need someone


somehow, someway

to stop it

so you lay, your last day, still awake

but you have to keep the faith



CHORUS 2: Do you know who you are? You are a shinning star

                        lighting up a brand new day, with that smile one your face

                        you're not the only one, who feels like they're on the run

                        running from their own lives

                        you should look through my eyes

                        eyes (x3)


BRIDGE: You're all, I need, to get by (repeat)


I feel the same way you do: I keep running, keep running, keep running away from me

and I keep losing my faith, over again, again, again, again...'til I break

but I carry on, standing strong, each day and everyday I find the strength

to move along

move along


CHORUS 3 (repeat chorus 2 as background):

                       I know tomorrow, they'll be no sorrow

                       you'll break the habit, because you're not like them

                       and someday you'll look back, and get you're life on track

                       'cuz this just isn't you, it's not what you want to be


it's not what you want to be no, no, no


♪ ♫ (vocalize)

(outro) once you're back on track

                  you'll smile, you'll look back and say

                  'that was me'


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