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Wow this year of 2010 is almost ovaaa~


Hm. Being a fan of FM. Started awhile back. but it went BAM this October when I met them in person for the first time. After that~ i cant get away& its like full force now. They really draw you in when you meet them because they are so personal and so caring. I am so proud of them~


this year i missed ISA -.- the difficulties of being a student and working all the time



fanmeet in Best Buy ~ 103110 ~ was amazing. Kevnish has the most sexy cologne ever. He was sick but he was still trying to talk to the fans and hang out. Proh stayed after to hang out when they were supposed to go to sound check in downtown SF for their evening performance. & I got a picture with him ♥

Key Club ~ 110310 ~ a Wednesday ~ i HAD to go even thought i had a HUGE math test the next day ~ so after work, i FLEW to SF to meet my fellow Cherrybomber, who DROVE down to LA earlier that day ~ got picked up from LAX & met up with the SoCal Cherrybombers to kick it at KeyClub. Amazing night.then we drove up at 2AM & got back to the Bay around 6AM. totally worth it ~ I am waiting for my next, in the middle of the week trip to LA to come again soon ~ FREEWIRED

Triple Ho Show ~ 120110 ~ the BAY loves FM~ im so happy they got invited to the radio shows end of the year concert ~ craziness ~

WildJam 2010 ~ 121610 ~ the BAY loves FM AGAIN~ the biggest concert of the year for the Bay~ 94.9 the biggest radio station here ~ just so happy they got invited ~


I wanna be NorCals official Freewired FM photographer& paparazzi ♥ hehe ~

I share my pix on but sometimes they dont post all of them ~ eh ~

but I go by the name of @iheartwooyoung everybody ~

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