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Well, i've made me another account on here, it's just too good an idea to not be a part of! I have too many e-mails to remember and thus my log-in details are forever lost in this web we call inter.

So hi, i'm Marty (or maru or big nose). Like it says above, i'm musically illiterate, i don't know how to read or perform the stuff, but i do know how to listen, i'm one of the many end users on the production line of music, and Cherrytree know exactly how to make good music!

Well, i suppose what brought Cherrytree to my attention was t.A.T.u. amd Martin's name on many of the songs. One quick Google later and i found this site, but not much happened from then cause t.A.T.u. went a bit cuckoo. Then came the force that is Lady GaGa...a life changing experience...quite possibly, without her song Just Dance i wouldn't have met the people i know today, but the tear-jerking aside [that sounds rude :|], GaGa makes good music, not just good, it's awesome, bright, fantastic, glittering, sequins and weird shoulderpads and sunglasses music! Dean, who woks for CTR got me hooked on her and he's also introduced me to Cinema Bizarre, two of the best artists on this label by far.

At the moment, i'm all about Space Cowboy, Falling Down is possibly the freshest thing to hit my ear since Just Dance did. I'm banking on it being a hit, if it's not, i'll have to bash some peoples head. Also on the edge of my radar is Feist, Robyn and La Roux. These three are no doubt quirky, but i'm still getting used to their quirks, La Roux paticularly, since she's the "in" thing of the moment in the UK. I found her a bit whiney at first to be honest, but i take it back since "In For the Kill" is wonderful in it's own quirky, original way!

Reading this i look like a CTR fanboy, and i think you'd be right, Cherrytree don't do things like the others do, even it's big sister don't compare to this label. It's definately my pop alternative.

I can often be found pestering staff on Twitter with the account: ayen89, feel free to add.

Long winded i know, but i wanted to do this right this time.


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