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My plan all along has been to get my 1st proper single out before 2011. Time is running out but I'm not too worried.

Ever since I decided to drop all else and focus on doing the musical and my music, it's like there was a sudden shift in my personal universe. I still have to work hard as always, but things seem to come
more naturally.

I decided to quit my "day job" to focus on my 1st lead role in the musical. It was a scary decision but I felt it was the right one. I knew I couldn't do both simultaneously and expect to excel in either of
them. It was such an amazing feeling throw caution to the wind and
really give in to such an impulse.

It so happens that while I was doing the musical, I suddenly won a full scholarship to a school where I could receive drama classes, music and all other cool things that make me tick. Initially I wondered if
it'd be a detour from my plans with music and the single. Technically
it is. However since I arrived at the school I have never been so
convinced that it was the right choice to come here.

The single is still on the way and lots of other great stuff are in the works which I'd rather keep to myself for the time being. For now I can just lean back and enjoy my lessons and all the great input and
creativity around me.

So regardless of what you hear, detours can be the most gratifying way to your initial destination. =)

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