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So, yesterday (I say that in the sense that its 12:43 am and now officially the 6th) was my birthday

And the weekend, while having vaguely heinous note, wasnt all that terrible

I lost my job, yes
That was horrible
But I got to spend a pleasant weekend with my friends

Yesterday the s*** hit the fan, and I admit that I'm entirely to blame

Due to the fact of my special special memory span, I forgot to ask the family if it was okay to invite my roomy's mum over

And just an hour or so ago, my mom let me HAVE it
Just chewed me up and spat me out
Asking, "What id you do THIS time that got you fired?" and saying, "Why did you go and punch another h*** in your face, and drag Mandie along for the ride?"

I never got the chance to get a word in edgewise
Thats how it always is with her
And now, she wants my entire payccheck
All of it
Every last dime I earn
She trusts me that little with my own future


If my contract hadnt been terminated, I would have moved out next month

Not to mention, my roommate is going to pretty much walk into her own death today
All I can say is thank GOD for Le-Le or I'd be flying off the deep end right now

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