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Serenades Interview with Interview Magazine

There's nothing sweeter than being serenaded by Markus Krunegård and Shout Out Louds' Adam Olenius. Their indie-pop music is blissfully soothing. The duo's project, Serenades, is a compilation of musical and lyrical poetry that is layered in complexity. The songs often sound hymnal, and with their strings ensemble accompanied by choirboys on stage in Sweden, the band knows how to put on a dynamic performance. The band released their Come Home EP this month, featuring their single, "Oceans," and played their first US shows this week. They hope to make their US five-piece into their heavily populated string ensemble soon enough (file next to Arcade Fire). With their full-length album coming out next year in April, Serenades will be coming to visit the US more frequently—lucky us!

KAPLAN: Why did you choose the name Serenades for your project?

OLENIUS: The songs sound like serenades, almost like hymns. When we started writing songs, it was basically two or three words or a sentence that we sang over and over again and added harmonies. Sometimes it was a bit religious in a way, like the hymns you sing in church. In Sweden, you have to sing these songs in school that are very romantic, about mother nature and about history. It worked really well with how we sounded. We took that name straight away when we wrote our first song.

KRUNEGÅRD: If you come up with a band name that you think is taken or has to be taken already and it's not, then you should go for it.

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