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Seeing Ellie at @ Terminal 5 and Meeting her @ Live at Best Buy Union Square

My friends and I got to Terminal 5 around 2:30pm. Sadly, we were not first in line. Happily we made it into the venue front and center against the barrier!

Bag Raiders opened up and got the crowd pumped up. Ellie always has great openers (ahem, The Knocks). Ellie Goulding came on stage in a cute outfit as always. She played 16 songs, which was a nice surprised since she played 13 songs the last time I saw her at Webster Hall and in Philadelphia. The performance was great. We all danced, sang, and attempted to hand Ellie shots of tequila. The barrier was a bit far from the stage, so we just ended up taking it ourselves to end the night.


Less than 24 hours later.... We arrived at Best Buy in Union Square around 2pm. This was the best way to end the Ellie Goulding weekend. My friend Diana and I had the opportunity to see an acoustic performance at the All Saints store back in March. She sang 6 songs in no particular order, and we had a fantastic front row center view. Let me note that the workers at Live at Best Buy, especially Glen, are very nice. I did purchase another album to get into the signing. Diana, Michel and I wanted to get a tour poster signed instead. We all already had signed CD's from her previous US tour/meeting. I was very happy that they were lenient on what item could get signed.

We decided that all three of us wanted to get a picture with Ellie together. We wanted to do something different and break the monotony of the simple signing, smile, take a picture... so we walked up in our sunglasses and immediately asked her to write something vulgar on our posters to show our future kids and Diana's grandmother. Ellie was a bit shocked that we would be showing young children and a grandmother this, but we were joking. She was trying to think of what to write. In an interview she said her favorite bad word was, well, C U Next Tuesday. We told her she could write that on our posters. Why just sign it? Ellie was a little reluctant at first and accidentally said the word a bit loud. Towards the end of the meet, she asked if I tweeted. I guess she saw all my Terminal 5 tweets from the night before.

For more pictures I took:

Also for a more uncensored (verbally) look at what happened:

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