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Today was the last day of school and it felt very long. I had finals to take and the math final was the longest. When I finished I had 10 minutes left and I usually don't take up that much time. Usually like 30-40 minutes but this took 65! T_T I hate math anyways but I hope I did really good! I don't have to take Chinese class anymore (don't want to - too hard) I hope I did really well because I usually get good grades in all of my classes anyways. I'm pretty much the standard good kid. I never skipped class. I'm rarely sick actually! Last year I was at school at 179.5 out of 180. I half was because of an ortho oppointment that was counted for some reason...I will never do drugs and I don't drink or smoke. When I think about it I am one of the few in my school that is like this. Others have experimented or have become addicted and some even drop out! I never failed a class EVER! I usually get As or Bs XD I feel kinda special when I think about it.

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