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Misconceptions and Phobias about AIDS and HIV
Many people have misconceptions and phobias when it comes to the subject of AIDS and HIV. No you can not get it by hugging someone with AIDS. No you can't get it by being friends with someone who has AIDS. I have two friends who have AIDS and two friends that have HIV. I do not shun them or treat them any different than anyone else. And to be honest with you if they didn't tell you that they had these ailments then you would not even know. I have known all of them for about 7 years now and they have their good days and their bad days but they are still human beings.

So I ask you not to shun individuals with AIDS and HIV but to ask them if they need help with anything. Many that have it now get it through unsafe sex, hypodermic needles, or mother-child transfer. Though there are some out there that don't want help or they think they are entitled to something but most are just normal people who made a mistake.

You can get HIV and AIDS from most exchanges of bodily fluids. So don't risk it. Be safe. There are many options for pervention out there male latex condoms (with non oil based lubricants), Female latex condoms, and Abstinence. I am sure there are others but these are the main three. And if you are not sure you are infected or not, get tested. The sooner you know the longer your life will be. And if you are infected, don't give up; fight it to the end because if you give up then you are letting one mistake rule your life.

I mean you can have one night stands and be promiscuous just be safe about it. I mean it is not like you know all that much about a one night stand generally. And if someone tells you that they are clean don't believe them until you see the proof. So many young people fall victim to this line..I am clean you can trust me. No you can't and until you have both been tested together don't have sex without some sort of protection.

Don't let one night of fun or pleasure rule the rest of your life. Use Protection. Not only does it help prevent AIDS and other STDs but it also helps prevent unexpected pregnancies.


You can get condoms at most Planned Parenthood sites as well as college medical centers so there is no excuse.

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