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RUMOR: The Escape of the Wild Fans in Chile and its Chaotic Scene that got Bill to hurt =0

RUMOR: The Escape of the Wild Fans in Chile and its Chaotic Scene that got Bill to hurt =0
Shocking news? Yes. I guess their arrival in Chile wasn't that chill after all. ALERT! Hysterical fans incoming, ready for mobbing! At the airport, the boys were carefully watched out by their guards and the police! But too many psychotic fans surrounds them may come to a severe loose as one managed to stab Bill in the arm! Yikes! Before you push that 'PANIC' button, I may have to notify you that Bill's injury wasn't that serious. Phew! You can catch your breath now. Then again, of course we would be worried sick and concerned over that one and only favourite rockstar of ours, even though his skin was scratched a little and yet left a scar that he couldn't possibly forget! Poor Billy. Even Plushies were thrown by the fans to Georg! Terror has striked and as about now, Tokio Hotel were dead tired and feel scared upon the incident. They were just locking themselves up in the hotel with fear on what's going to happen next for their current trip in Chile. Goosebumps, much? Hope the whole stabbing story isn't true.

Here's A Little Reminder :)

Seriously, we as fans should not act like some kind of wild animals now, attacking our favourite boys as if they are like the Meat of the day! Remember, the Kaulitz twins has the love for wild animals and if their fans acted as one, don't you think that their effort in the PETA campaign was nothing but a regret as the 'wild-animals-like' fans have proven to them it was actually a wonderful idea to cage all those wild animals instead to just let them free, running wild! Please, just don't let them have that thought raining in their plesant mind. But I have to say, the one who was eager to hurt the boys couldn't be called as a fan. "You're out of the list!" I mean, what do you actually get when you hurt your own favourite stars? I'd say it's an act of craziness and disrespectful. If I were the Tokio Hotel fans from Chile, I would be very dissapointed and ashamed to have such psychotic fan who has the nerves to point and stab a sharp object to Bill's flesh of skin! Yikes! Again, this rumor still remains as a question mark, though.

Seriously, this news still creeps me out from the very begining I've heard of it until now! Whether it is too be fully believed or not, I still feel scared for them. A rememberance image on the 1st May 2010, 'the day Tokio Hotel had an autograph session in One Utama, Damansara, when they were about to make their moves to the lift as to leave the venue, the fans ran and chased after them like insane, tried their best to grab on the boys!' kept flashing back to my mind. My advice to my fellow Malaysian fans, the next time Tokio Hotel come to Malaysia again, don't let them be mobbed! Some unexpected events might occur and it may freak the boys out to the extreme! I know, sometimes we love them too much and that's why we ought to drive ourselves to do such courageous mad things which will lead to a deadly cause! I wish it will never happen to the boys like ever! :'(

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