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Rolling Stone Interviews Tom from Keane on Upcoming 'The Best of Keane' Album

Greatest hits collections are a milestone. Were there collections you remember listening to as a kid that stood out for you?
Actually, bizarrely, the first one I have any recollection of would've been the ABBA greatest hits. My mom and dad weren't massively into pop music, so there weren't a lot of records lying about the house when I was a kid and I had to go searching myself. But I remember particularly there was a tape cassette of ABBA Gold back then. And if you want a compilation of absolutely mind-blowingly brilliant pop singles, then I don't think you can really do much better than that. So there was that one. That was certainly one that I recall, but I think the one that had probably the biggest impact on me certainly growing up was Queen. There was the Beatles' "Red" (1962 –1966) and "Blue" (1967 -1970) greatest hits, but the Queen 1 and 2, the first and second half of the Queen output, those were very influential for me as a kid. I basically for many, many years just wanted to be Freddie Mercury – probably still do in many respects. I think it does reflect having put something kind of special together. You actually think back to the bands that were around when we released our first record in 2004. If I think about any of those other bands now there aren't any that spring to mind that are putting together a kind of best-of or greatest hits. So I think we feel we've put in a lot of time and effort and we've definitely come up with a body of work that we're all really proud of.


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