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Robyn's historic show at Radio City Music Hall through my eyes :)

I’ve been looking forward to this show for months! I would get to see Robyn actually perform a whole show & not just the rehearsals like last time. I left my house at 5 to get there for dinner in the city with some rec’ers & the cherry tree staffers. I got there  a few minutes late but I really didnt care, i was just excited to be there. I got to see my second family again. We talked, ate, drank & laughed.


Martin, Mr. Cherry Cherry Boom Boom seemed to be the paparazzi of the night :) LOL.


As we sat, we moved around to talk to other people we couldnt reach at that time. Finally Martin sat next to me & my friend & we talked a little about music & what was going on. If you dont know how much just THAT meant to me then you dont know who this man is. He has done so much for me, I consider him my role model.


More & more people kept coming in & out. Conversations were getting deep. Martin called me & introduced me to Jared Evan, we shoock hands. At that time i didnt know he was an artist also signed by Universal Studios, not until my friend Vu notified me. My reaction? Priceless! Haha. For the rest of the dinner I got to talk to a few people i became friends online with but never met in person. Amazing.


A few minutes before we head out to the venue, Natalia Kills dropped by to greet a few people who were not able to make it to the actual show. We started packing out stuff & started walking to the Radio City Music Hall just a few blocks away. For that night i was working with a girl named Brittney, we got to become pretty close through the night.


We gave away a bunch of promo goodies for Cherry Tree Records such as pins, sampler albums & stickers. One couple who I was telling about the record company was sweet enough to tell me that they had an extra ticket for the show & gave it to me. Since i already had a ticket given to me, I was happy to give it away. The girl who got the ticket was speechless :) That made me happy.


After we finished with all that was given to us, we went inside to enjoy the show. When we got in there Natalia was already done with her set so we went downstairs to join the fun at the signing. While there was a huge line to get things signed by Miss Kills, I enjoyed my time talking to Scott, Andrea, Martin, Ryan & other people who were enjoying each other’s company.


I love joking with Scott. He offered me a Diet Coke & I had to be a loser and say “Are you trying to call me fat?!” Haha. What fun we always have. I’m truly blessed to know people like them, really.



After the line was finished, I went up to Natalia to get a few things signed :) She remembered my friend & I from the Terminal 5 show. “You mean this is the second time seeing me but missing my performance?!” - Natalia Kills Haha. I asked her to write a little letter for my friend Patricia who lives in Spain & Natalia happily agreed. Next was a picture & then a hug good bye till next time.



After the singing was wrapped up, all of us headed to our seats. My friend who received a ticket just a few minutes before had tickets for the 2nd flood while all of us were on the first floor near the stage. Scott was sweet enough to offer her his ticket. Then i realized that i was supposed to sit next to Scott during the show. Through the concert I was looking around to see if i could find him but i didnt see him :( Felt so bad until he tweeted me saying he saw the whole show from a great view.


I could’nt believe i got tickets to sit next to the whole cherry tree staff. The lights dimmed & Robyn got on the stage. This sold out show full of people started screaming for her. It was such an amazing sight to see. After a few songs, I realized i was sitting a person away from Jared Evans xD Towards the end, he got up to leave & I asked him if it was okay to take a picture with him. He smiled & said of coarse. I tured to him & asked him if he had twitter & he spelled it out for me & told me to defintly send him the picture. We both smiled & said good bye :) He was a really nice guy.



Back to the show, everybody singing along & dancing. First show where not everybody was squished together LOL. It was nice to see everybody having an amazing time at the show. Robyn was having her own great time on the stage, dacing her booty off. She really is AMAZING live! Must see. It was also fun tweeting back & forth with MTVBuzzworthy during the show, telling each other how amazing the atmosphere is.



Before the show was over, I had to thank the cherry tree staff for an amazing night. It was an amazing experiance for me, Ive learned a lot. I’m blessed to have all the chances I’ve been having.



Walking out of the venue me & my friend walked & started recovering from the amazing vibe. Had to leave before the encore which kind of sucked ;(. Walking through Time Square at midnight felt great. Have’nt been there that late in a while. As always, it was full of people. A beautiful ending to a beautiful night.


Love always,

xoxo, Irina.

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Comment by Clarke {aka Tok!o_headd.} on February 20, 2011 at 10:59am
sounds like you had fun irina!! lucky (nega)butt! haha ;)


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