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Robyn Takes Coachella To Another World

Robyn is an electro-pop star, emphasis on the word "star." Hailing from Sweden, where her dance albums go straight to No. 1, the bleach blond Scandanavian took her Coachella 2011 crowd out of this world with her swirling synths and her mesmerizing, aerobic, drill sergeant dance moves during her Friday evening (April 15) set in the Mojave tent.

Her set started with a T minus spaceship launch countdown and droid soundbites that put an intergalactic touch on her music. Robyn rushed out and opened with 'Fembot,' where she sings -- with the help of Auto-Tune -- "I've got some news for you, Fembots got feelings too." The song is the first off her 'Body Talk' album trilogy released in 2010.

As she performed 'Indestructible' and 'Dancing on My Own' -- songs that sound like they were penned on another planet you might want to visit -- Robyn channeled a futuristic, white, female version of James Brown, hot-stepping across the stage in six-inch platform Timberland boots with head-scratching ease. She would only pause for a sip of water or to wear her heart on her sleeve.

"Coachella. I know. It's hard," she sighed. "Love is hard." But it's hard not to love Robyn, especially since all her techno-tinged songs are about love. With the mainstream success of flamboyant pop acts like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, Robyn, who was decked out in a tight, cropped flower-print ensemble (and those shoes!), seems like a likely fit for pop radio, although her songs have still to break on the U.S. soundwaves. Robyn's Coachella set proved she is worthy as she commanded the stage like a veteran pop star.

But the best part of Robyn's set came at the end when she sang 'Hang With Me.' Her sweet, soft Swedish voice lamenting, "Will you tell me once again/ How we're gonna be just friends?/ If you're for real and not pretend/ Then I guess you can hang with me." The Coachella crowd had no problems hanging with Robyn and the sentiment was returned.

"I'm so happy to be up here, but it wouldn't mean anything without you guys," she told the crowd sealing the deal on the love affair.


Check out Robyn performing Dancing on my Own at Coachella on the Spinner Website, here.

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