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Robyn on the cover of GayCalgary Magazine

GayCalgary: How will the rest of Body Talk compare to the first disc?

Robyn: To me, they're one album, and I just decided to release it in three parts because I felt like I needed to change my way of working - figure out a way where I could be more fluid and more intuitive and, I guess, spontaneous. Also, everyone knows how music is changing. People go out on the Internet and they find what they want and what they're into, and I think as an artist, you look stupid if you don't recognize that, you know? For me, that was obvious, and it was logical to assess that. And I don't think it's a new idea; people have been doing this in a lot of different ways for a long time. Look back 20 or 30 years -like with Thriller, it was nine songs. Even before that, people were releasing one album a year and they weren't so long. You had a more direct relationship to the music.

Check out the full article in the scans of the October issue of GayCalgary below.

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Comment by skinslive on October 11, 2010 at 6:32am
Love Robyn<3


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