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Robyn, Natalia Kills, and the Cherrytree Family, by:SarahLynn

No words can describe the performance and talent of the artists I met Saturday evening at Club Firestone in Orlando. If I had to choose a few words, I would find "breath taking" or "surreal" inadequate to describe the mind blowing music and love I felt that night.

My friends, my mother, and I managed to make our way to front of the line before the doors opened, donning our Cherrytree Records shirts and I <3 Robyn pins, we waited a few hours enjoying the cooled down floridian breeze and feeling our excitement grow when we could hear the outstanding bass and blurred singing of Robyn and Natalia Kills during their soundcheck right behind the club walls.

While tweeting my excitement I chanced to look up from my phone and spotted the awesome Capt'n Scott of Cherrytree heading our way. We had an exchange of hugs and pictures and talk about the show we were gonna see, the excitement of finally meeting Cherrytree family being such a thrill to me.

With that the doors opened and we all made our way inside, landing front row. While the room filled and we talked about the artists performing, I could see Scott make his way back to us. The smile on my face grew as I saw Martin "Cherry Cherry Boom Boom" next to him. I introduced him to my friends and my mother, talking about the excitement to come of seeing these artists tear up the stage, discussing my own artwork on my Cherrytree Corner, it was amazing getting to see and hear Scott and Martin's kind and amazing influence in person, already knowing their kindness from the Cherrytree Chat.

After getting instructions from Martin to go to the Merch booth if we wanted after Natalia's set, the club filled in to the brim and they went off to prepare for Natalia Kills.

And what a show it was.

The dark pop queen took Orlando by storm! Everyone cheered for her and it was amazing seeing such strong show, I would definately suggest anyone who has the chance to see her live to dont hesitate and DO IT!

after she "killed" us all, me my mother and one of my friends (the others held our place in the row) went back to the merch booth and met up with Scott and Martin again before taking a good spot in line to meet Natalia. Smiling brightly at us she gave us hugs and autographed copies of her Mirrors remix CD, telling me she recognized me in the audience and "sang for me" xD she also told me she loved the drawings i had done of her, and how she would love to see more in the future. :)

We were about to make our way back to the crowd, when instead Scott and Martin took us out past the stage instead, taking us outside to the artist's entrance. The shock and adoration that hit me next was unbelievable when, there stood Robyn, talking to a crew member.

Getting to meet, laugh and talk with her about the drawings I did for her in such a setting was astounding. hearing the way her mind works before a show and how she felt about the places she traveled, it was a humbling experience. She is definately a force not to take lightly.

We said our goodbyes soon after and wished her luck for her upcoming performance, and made our way back to the crowds. We managed to get back to our spots, looking at the pictures on my camera in disbelief, smiles plastered on our faces and then cheering as Maluca performed.

Once that set was finished we waited with excitement for Robyn to hit the stage. talking amongst ourselves and with other fans, loving the insight they had and how they felt about the cherrytree artists.

then the lights dimmed. stage lights changing colors. The fans exploded with screams for Robyn as her band made their places wearing their white labcoats. I didnt know it was possible but the audience's screams got louder as Robyn bounded out on stage, dancing and so full of energy. It was amazing. The power she displayed dispite her petite form was intense and her singing made it definately understandable as to how it could jerk some tears. I am usually not one for dancing, but with the crowd screaming and jumping, mixed with her dancing and energy you couldnt help but want to dance along with her. It was definately hands down, one of the most powerful performances I had ever seen. (her highfiving me from the stage was definately a bonus ;)... haha!)

So with this said, Thank you for reading. I could never say enough thanks to Martin and Scott, and everyone from the Cherrytree Record Family. The love i felt Saturday night was definately something I will NEVER forget. My heart definately belongs to all of you, and the Cherrytree chatter community.

Many Thanks,

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Comment by Alpaca Mom on November 19, 2010 at 9:44am
Great pictures! Looks like you had a great time!
Comment by Ethan on November 10, 2010 at 8:08pm
I hope i have a story to share like this one day :) GREAT BLOG!
Comment by Negrito on November 10, 2010 at 5:43am
Wonderful blog Sarah!!! Amazing night!!! And you look beautiful!!! :)
Comment by SarahLynn on November 9, 2010 at 10:10pm
thank you all! :) glad you like this blog! <3 much love!
Comment by Liz on November 9, 2010 at 10:07pm
Such lovely commentary and pictures! Glad to hear your story :)
Comment by Sarah Kay on November 9, 2010 at 8:07pm
That's so awesome, SL! You lucky girl!! What an amazing experience!! Great pictures too! Thanks for sharing your story :)
Comment by Christine(aka xtine) on November 9, 2010 at 6:51pm
Very cool Sarah Lynn, I know the feeling about the cherrytree peeps just awesome people(martin, scott, tony, andrea, kelvin, and dean). I love the cherrytree community and their artists too!! :-)
Comment by Andrea (Cherrytree) on November 9, 2010 at 4:22pm
wow Sarah, amazing story.. so happy for you

Comment by iRiNa on November 9, 2010 at 4:20pm
Aww this is so amazing :) thank you for sharing it with your cherry tree family. They are truly all amazing <3


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