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Robyn Gives Her All in Explosive Performance - Detroit News Live Review

Royal Oak — There are a handful of pop divas headed our way this summer, from Katy Perry to Rihanna to Britney Spears and so on. And though they'll be carrying with them bigger, more expansive productions, none of them will work as hard on stage as Robyn did at the Royal Oak Music Theatre on Saturday.

The Swedish pop singer put on a live performance clinic on Saturday, sweating it out during an extremely physical 75-minute concert that rarely slowed from its go-go-go pace. Robyn sold every song within an inch of its life with her highly combustible stage performance, dancing non-stop to the Euro-pop club beats provided by her four-member band, who were dressed in all-white lab coats.

Robyn isn't the Spears type, hammering out choreographed dance routines with a team of backup dancers with turn-on-a-dime precision. (Heck, Spears isn't even Spears anymore, for that matter.) Instead, Robyn's moves are natural and free, and even a bit endearingly nerdy. They're the moves of someone dancing on their own free from the judgment of others, as she twists and twirls and spins her arms above her head. She has the boundless energy of an '80s aerobics instructor, never letting up and always pushing further. Just watching her is a workout of sorts.

Robyn focused on material from her 2010 "Body Talk" trilogy of releases, with the highs coming during the heartbreaking "Dancing On My Own" and the pulsating "Indestructible." Robyn didn't talk much, though she did apologize for missing her original concert date; Saturday's show was rescheduled from a February date that Robyn canceled due to illness.

To watch Robyn is an eye-opening experience. Here is a performer who gives it her all in a genre not given to the dynamics of live performance, and she is a must-see live act in the same way a young rock and roll band would be considered a must-see live act. Her performance adds another layer to her work; it's not about hearing the songs you recognize, it's about watching her work through them in a live setting. And when is the last time you could truly say that about a pop star?

Robyn is hitting the road with Katy Perry this summer, opening the majority of the dates on her upcoming tour (though not Perry's Palace of Auburn Hills show). It's an interesting pairing that makes you wonder if Perry knows what she got herself into. Either way, Perry's going to have to work that much harder, because Robyn is an extremely tough act to follow.

From The Detroit News.

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