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Robyn Discusses Gossip Girl Appearance and Body Talk with EW Music Mix

So your third album this year, Body Talk, hits stores Nov. 22. How does this fit into the Body Talk trilogy you’ve been working on this year?
I think that one of the amazing things that happened when I decided to record this album in this way—in the three parts—is that the whole process just brings me a lot closer to the listeners in the sense that I don’t really know much more about what’s going on than you do. That’s really how it is. It’s a process that I decided to explore because I was tired of having the structure where you usually spend two or three years on tour, not being able to record and then going into the studio and needing to make 15 songs in one go. It’s a way of trying to break that structure up a little bit, but it also means that as soon as the record’s done, I send it off to the factory, so while I’m promoting the last album, I’m recording the new one.

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