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Robyn and Natalia Kills Live Review by Molly Moose

I’m terrible at taking pictures, I just never do it. When I met Far East Movement last year, I didn’t even touch my camera. So this night, like every other “best night of my life” went undocumented. But maybe my colorful language can help paint you a picture far prettier than anything I could have captured on film.

I’m also a college student and now that it is towards the end of the semester, all the money I used to buy text books and concert tickets in the early fall had hit its end. By the time I realized Robyn was going to be in my city, I was broke. Having resigned myself to the idea that I’d be living vicariously through Sarah Lynn and her fantastic concert experiences, I was just doing my usual routine that Friday. To cut a long story short, a wonderful friend here at Cherrytree offered to put me on the guest list for Monday night’s show in Atlanta. I was completely overcome with thanks and gratitude and I really don’t think I was able to fully express how thankful I was that night.

So, Monday rolled around and I got to the venue (The Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta) around 5:30. There were a few people waiting outside dressed to impress and blasting some serious jams. As a testament to how much people love Robyn, the guys in front of me in line had driven all the way from Louisiana and a couple a few people down had flown from Colorado just to see the show. I caught up with them after the show and they said it was entirely worth it.

Cherrytree’s wonderful Cap’n Scott came outside for a bit and we chatted while I waited in line. He’s hilarious and hella clever. I’ve gotta say, every time I’ve met someone who works for or is somehow involved with Cherrytree I am blown away by how friendly and marvellous they are. Scott headed back inside to handle business and I continued waiting in line. Doors opened at 7 and I gave my name to the doorman who let me in. I have never felt like more of a rock star in my life.

“Yeah, Molly Moose, I’m on the guest list.” *insert hair flip here.*
But in all honesty, it was a pretty badass feeling being able to get into a venue on name alone.

The venue was pretty full when Natalia hit the stage around 7:40. And when I say she hit the stage, I mean she hit that stage harder than a cage fighter hits the defending heavy weight champion of the world. That is to say, hard. She has this powerful and impressive presence onstage that commands attention and keeps the audience handcuffed to her trench coat. During her set there was a very exact moment during the second song, right as the chorus started, that the entire room fell in love with her. There was a sudden rush of excitement and the entire room was jumping. After her set, everyone was talking about how they wished her set had been longer and how much they loved her. Kills killed it.

I could only wait to write about this part for so long. It’s time to talk about Robyn. But how can I even begin? This woman is the epitome of badass. She can kickass with a look and she can make even the hardest of men cry with a single chorus. And in my own experience, her music has the power to make a girl feel like she can rip down the world and anyone who gets in her way. She blew the room away when she kicked off the show with Fembot. Robyn danced and sang the entire two hours and didn’t stop once. And neither did the crowd. Amidst the crowd surfing and sweating Robyn fans, I found myself staring straight into the face of Sweden’s greatest export. No amount of creative wording or sugar coating can adequately describe the feeling when you make eye contact with someone as remarkable as Robyn. It’s like a simultaneous kick to the throat mixed with the joy a child feels when they run down the stairs Christmas morning. You don’t forget a moment like that.

Robyn was unbelievable. Two encores and a cover of “Dancing Queen” later, the crowd literally danced out of the venue, trying to recreate Robyn’s sick moves. I however, and a crowd of about 100, stuck around afterwards for a chance to meet Robyn and have our CD’s signed. An hour after the show ended, Robyn, accompanied by Natalia Kills, walked from the backstage area and into the lobby to a round of cheers. Everyone I was in line with were going over and over again what they would say when they go to the front of the line. And to be totally honest, I rambled like a buffoon. Words sort of fell out of my mouth and I prayed they made sense. I told Natalia how fantastic her set was, how in love the crowd was with her and, as a Cherrytree Rec’er, how awesome it was to see her perform live.

And then my heart did this strange flippy-flop thing in my chest as I was standing in front of Robyn. I mean, I had just seen her on stage performing for the last 2 hours, but nothing compares to that moment when you have her full, undivided attention and you can say whatever you want. I said something along the lines of “Ireallylikeyouthankyousomuchyouweregreatthankyouthankyouohmygoodnessthankyou.”

Then I was being moved right along back into the lobby. I chatted some more with Scott and said my goodbyes. Got back into my car, turned the radio on and “Like a G6” was playing.

I can’t escape you, Cherrytree Records. And I don’t think I want to.

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Comment by Christine(aka xtine) on November 11, 2010 at 9:10pm
So cool, yes cherrytree is a treasure not to be taken for granted and all the people there are wonderful and awesome. I too have had some awesome opportunities and experiences because of them and I'm very greatful too. Glad you had a good time!!
Comment by SarahLynn on November 11, 2010 at 9:11am
HAHA! i love this!!!! glad you had fun mollymoose :) you deserve it! <3
Comment by Dean on November 11, 2010 at 9:02am
Sounds like you had an amazing time! Glad you got to meet Natalia and Robyn, aren't they just incredible? :)
Comment by mollymoosesays on November 11, 2010 at 8:58am
I really am extremely thankful for this incredible gift from Cherrytree. I wish there was more I could do than just say thank you. I have never come across a record label like this. So full of friendly, wonderful, inviting people. I would write each and every one of you a thank you card on Molly Moose stationary if I could. And if Molly Moose stationary existed.

Really deeply, honestly and truly, thank you. I am so grateful and proud to support an amazing label like Cherrytree Records.


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