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Responses to B.L.O.W.'s (The Ban Low-frequency Oscillating Woofers organization) complaint ( about the bold low-frequencies in Far East Movement's "Dirty Bass" music  are pouring in (see below). will post Far East Movement's official response today at 3pm PST / 6pm EST / 11pm GMT.

RT @MonicaGalang: LOL & pathetic = @BLOWorg mission, the answer to ur issue is to not listen & move on. deal w/reality i <3 @fareastmovement

RT @M_Dreamie: @cherrytreerec @fareastmovement Real music's got your back! Screw B.L.O.W. & bring on the bass!

RT @HausOfLJ: Laughing so hard @ @bloworg's "Mission Statement" @cherrytreerec should counter-complain for B.L.O.W being musically tasteless

RT @iMare: I disagree @BLOWorg. @cherrytreerec & @fareastmovement r out to set a Movement. Catch up times r changing!

RT @LarryFlick: Intrigued to hear @FarEastMovement's response to B.L.O.W.( today at 3pm PT on

RT @Ciullos_93: @cherrytreerec i don't really get their complaint. if people want attention, they should focus on important things and not great music.

RT @Kinkers: @cherrytreerec I've just read the "statement" from B.L.O.W. It makes me wanna buy the album even more now! Lol keep it up @fareastmovement

RT @siimplyjen: @cherrytreerec Still absolutetly absurd on their standpoint on banning the musical freedom of artists.

RT @HarmonyDiNozzo: @cherrytreerec @fareastmovement B.L.O.W. is completely stupid. 'Abusive Bass frequencies'. who the hell are these people? #getalife...

RT @DieselBT: @cherrytreerec @fareastmovement What you should do, in response, add binaural tones to make him love bass, subliminally!

RT @starHuiHui: @cherrytreerec B.L.O.W has twitter now? Good, time to assemble the angry fans. BASSHEADS, COMMENCE OPERATION SPAM.

RT @Cydehney: MIDDLE UP _|_ RT @BLOWorg: Our mission statement: Pls support our petition to @fareastmovement & @cherrytreerec

RT @iRiNa_KT: Haters are confused admirers. U know u are doing something right when u have B.L.O.W. breathing down ur back @fareastmovement @cherrytreerec

RT @BthatSFGirl: @cherrytreerec @fareastmovement Whats wrong with these people?!

RT @Christine_Kills: *3 fingers down* to B.L.O.W @cherrytreerec always will support @fareastmovement no matter what! nyc reppin fm all day! :)

RT @MarilynAKoh: @cherrytreerec @fareastmovement's response is gonna BLOW them off their feet. HELLNAW TO

RT @califever: WOWWWW - DOWN WITH B.L.O.W... @fareastmovement @cherrytreerec - this is absolutely RIDICULOUS!!

RT @Nightbird87: @cherrytreerec This has to be a joke?

RT @as3sugar: Yea F*** b.l.o.w. What's the problem? I support @cherrytreerec and @fareastmovement GO DIRTY BASS

RT @ash2music: @cherrytreerec @fareastmovement I'm confused, why do they wanna ban it??

RT @mariecanilao: @cherrytreerec,@fareastmovement: B.L.O.W. really needs to get a life. FM is revolutionary in their music & style. I love & support FM.

RT @nfnyunyu: @cherrytreerec @fareastmovement it said B.L.O.W but it can't blowing up my mind not to love far east movement. love em till death!

RT @starHuiHui: @cherrytreerec they need to BACK off...

RT @tomokoFM: "@cherrytreerec: B.L.O.W. has issued statement denouncing @fareastmovement's use of bass frequencies on their site. We do not agree" ME TOO

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Comment by Rosa Garcia on January 14, 2012 at 10:03pm

NOOOO  BLOOOOOW!!!!!!   Grow up kids & go Blow your nose.We Loooove FM 4ever

Comment by USkipper on January 13, 2012 at 9:33am

i can't find anything about so-called "low-end frequency protocol" audio or RF...

the only hit i got was, you guessed it, B.L.O.W.s home page, where
they define, or describe, absolutely nothing. Phooey.

don't worry, Horatio will proly fly South for the summer
(along with the rest of the ku-ku birds).

Comment by USkipper on January 13, 2012 at 9:21am

just what exactly is an "abusive" audio frequency, anyway?
has FM violated local ordinances while giving a live performance?

is B.L.O.W. complaining about super-loud "boom-box" passenger vehicles that
seem to deliberately drive around setting off parked vehicle's security alarms?

why take it out on the musicians? don't sell cars with super-loud boom-boxes.


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