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Born June 26, 1995, Reema Major is living out her dream as a multi-talented artist and the self proclaimed "Illest Kid" and "Mother to the New School Era." Reema is definitely a force to be reckoned with in hip hop today. Reema speaks Arabic, Sudanese Tribal Tongue, as well as English and these colorful languages and cultures inspire her music, fashion and love of life.  Reema’s music is a reflection of her personal experiences and not of others around her. Since being discovered on Myspace by Stephen Hill, BET's President of Programming, Talent and Specials, and being invited to participate in the 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards cypher, Reema continues to prove how talented she is amongst hip hop veterans, globally, despite her age.

Her style, lyrical content and focus stems from her upbringing in an Arabic household and exposure to situations that most people her age never endure. Born in Khartoum, Sudan as the youngest of seven, Reema's family fled Sudan to escape the coup taking refuge in Kenya and Uganda, before making Canada home in 1998. In Canada, Reema was first introduced to music and hip hop at the early age of 5 by her cousin, who she witnessed engage in cyphers on the steps of their apartment building. At the time, Reema wasn't aware that she was witnessing her destiny and that her love for writing would eventually be the catalyst to her becoming a rapper.

After leaving Canada for Kansas City, Reema made her way back in 2009 to visit her mother for the Christmas holiday. This unique visit led to her chance meeting with Kwajo Cinqo, member of Canada's legendary hip-hop group Ghetto Concept and President of G7 Records. “From the moment I met her I knew that she was destined to be a superstar,” Kwajo says. “I feel she is the hottest female in the game and she is young in age, but has a wise soul!” This destined-to-be meeting led to her signing with G7 Records, with the promise that within a year she would be promoted, marketed and signed to a major record label.  Kwajo made true to his promise with Reema and after a bidding war with other labels, including Gene Simmons’ label, Reema signed to a joint venture with Universal Music Canada and Interscope Records (USA) in 2010. Joint record label ventures are rare, but it was made possible because of the support from Randy Lennox at Universal Music Canada and Martin Kierszenbaum and Andrea Ruffalo from Cherrytree Records, an imprint of Interscope Records. Kierszenbaum and Ruffalo are the duo responsible for breaking such acts as Lady Gaga, Sting, LMFAO and Far East Movement.

Working with G7 Records/Universal/Interscope as her home label, Reema has had access to some of the best guidance and resources any label could offer. With a powerful team behind her, Reema Major is sure to break boundaries with her music. Her first single “Gucci Bag” was released to an online audience in October 2009 introducing her to the public. Due to the large demand and positive feedback, Reema released her first mixtape “Youngest in Charge” in January 2010 to an online audience as well. Her second street single “Arabic Princess” off her mixtape followed shortly and it has helped Reema break through a young audience. Reema continues to prove that her skills are well beyond her years. Her sound is versatile, and it depicts her worldly outlook on life. Unlike many artists her age, her music is a reflection of her personal experiences and her vast cultural exposure, a quality that contributes to her edgy lyrics and style.

With the release of her hit single "Ghetto Kids" and “Father” on her third mixtape, “I Am Legend”available on May 27th, Reema has no plans of slowing down this year.   She has worked with some of today’s top producers including:  The Stereotypes, Bangledesh and DJ Toomp.  The world is definitely limitless to this soon to be LEGEND, especially with her family and God by her side. Keep God First is Reema’s daily mantra that has been passed down to her by her best friend and number one fan, her mother.  When asked about her future, Reema replied, “I want to be remembered as one of the best female rappers ever.”

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