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Reasons...? Good ones...? or stupid ones...?

the reasons behind my like for Bill... him and i apparently have the same interests... i LOOOVVVEEE the movie Labyrinth.. my favorite Part is when Jareth (David Bowie) and the goblins begin to sing

"You Remind Me Of the babe
what babe?
babe with the power
what power?
Power of voodoo
who do?
you do
do what?
remind me of the babe"

if were you to put the movie on mute i could probably do every dialogue...him and i have almost the same sense of humor its scary O.o ;... and him and i are searching for the same thing.. although i think he'll have a better chance at getting it than i will.. and last..(my sister shoves this in my face).. if i were to ever meet him and be able to be around him.. id treat him with respect.. i believe..STRONGLY believe he deserves it.. so many people judge him and criticise him when its not needed.. id want him to be himself around me and not think ill judge him cos i wont.. if i dont like being judged then why would i do it to others..? he deserves to be happy.... there are so many things i wish i could say to him regarding his music and other things... but i know i wont get that chance... im irish and i dont have any luck at all... (no pun intended)

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