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They say hip-hop is dead.

And the once subversive "rave" has been reduced to just another meaningless wardrobe option for nihilistic hipsters.

But RAVE-RAP is alive and well. Not just alive, but seething with creative energy in many tiny pockets of cultural space scattered all over the globe. DIE ANTWOORD are merely the tip of the iceberg, the pin-up stars of this fledgling international movement. It goes by many names and takes many forms. Elsewhere in South Africa, they call it SHANGAAN ELECTRO. In Chicago, they call it JUKE. BAILE FUNK, JERK, GRIME, UK FUNKY. In Melbourne, it takes the form of massive MC collectives tearing up warehouses, raising the rooves. Explosions of colour.

Why is rave-rap so vital? How can it not be just another dry mix-and-match genre fusion exercise? At this early stage in its evolution, in its greenest infancy, these questions are difficult to answer. All we can know for sure is that it is vital. It is not just a fad. And despite what some may believe, it is no joke.

Rave-rap is very real.

This is only the beginning.

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Tags: Antwoord, Die, Keith!, Melbourne, Party, UK, baile, electro, funk, funky, More…grime, jerk, juke, manifesto, rave-rap, revolution, shangaan


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