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So, I was at my voice lessons as usual and I sang "World Behind My Wall" for my teacher, and of course he was happy. After that we had a discussion on life and all. Music is my LIFE. I can not live without it. That's why my ipod (Billa) is so important to me. I get a beautiful feeling when I sing. I make people smile, which in return makes me smile. I love that feeling so much. I forget all my worries and as the music plays my problems all seem to fade away.

I am a human being and I see why I was bullied as a child. I mean, that I was different than the rest of them and I didn't fit in. Now I realised that I let them take advantage of me instead of me fighting back or even better, not paying any attention to it at all. As if it didn't happen. I am also saying what goes around comes around. It's karma and it never goes away.

In every religion there is a higher power, it's the same. The universe. We are not even solid, we ARE energy. Our good energy and our bad energy effects us. When listening to music it gives me back al of my good energy. It is love for music that I share with friends. We have things in common and that is how we create friends.

We are not the only beings out there. I don't know if u believe in aliens but I believe they could be just as curious about us, as we are about them. I believe ghosts, and spirits exist. If they can exist, why can't aliens? True, that it is a little far-fetched but still. Today was such an inspirational day for me. I can't wait to see tomorrow. Each day holds a new gift, a new promise to fulfill what I was destined to do. I shall share my music.

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