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Rainy mornings, Hot coffee, and Anger issues! HAZA!!!

^_^ Yay! First Blog Post ( on Cherrytree) eva!!!
Whoo! Break out the champaigne, bust out the music and put on a movie!

Now, in all seriousness, here begins the blog.


It rained last night without my knowing it and I woke up to see grey out my window. ^_^ I love rainy days because that means that there's no sun! And when there's no sun, it means its not hot. Which in turn means that I can go out to get the mail, walk the dog, and jump in puddles without the fear of a sun burn! Yay!

The down side?
It was humid as hell. And when I mean humid, I mean HUMID.
The kind of humid that is oppressive, and makes you wanna turn on your A/C to max cold and still have all your fans on.
Living in a desert sucks, though it also has its perks.
For one, aside from the hot as hell summer and the cold as a b**** winter, the climate is pretty nice. :D

Morning was pretty uneventful as mornings go.
Made coffee.
Chatted on Twitter.
Cleaned around like a spaz. ( I honestly cant stand unclean rooms. It makes me twitchy. )
Kicked my cat(s) off my guitar. They just dont understand the meaning of "PAWS OFF THE GOODS". I mean... everytime they touch it, cat hair gets on it, and I have to clean it because then it gets on the strings, under the strings and on the fret board and in the sound h***.... I dont like having to clean it and stuff. It gets really annoying. :P

Ya, That was my morning.

Later, I was trying out a few new tabs and looking up some Miyavi vids ( The dude is BOMB! He's like... My idol! *-* )
when a friend text me from Cali askin' what I was up to.
I explained and asked for help on a particular bit of a tab that seemed quite difficult.
His respons?
" Stop tryin' to play, hon. Your hands are too tiny to reach those chords fast enough."

... B****.

SURE! My hands may be small, but after a while of practicing and speeding up more and more, it doesnt really matter what size they are! >.> I hope he gets attacked my an old lady...


Thats all for today.
More tommorow.
I have to go and work on the site.
Laterz, m'peeps.


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