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Röyksopp and Robyn's 'Accidental Pop' Gem - The Making of Do It Again

The trio refers to the single as an "accidental pop song," written after an epic evening in the Norwegian city of Bergen, with Robyn present this time. “Don't care what they say, it hurts so good / I don't wanna stop, I know I should / But let's do it again,” Robyn sings.

The songs on "Do It Again" -- the moody sprawl of "Monument," the soupy electro-punk of "Sayit," the cozy textures of the 10-minute instrumental "Inside the Idle Hour Club" -- were written and produced collaboratively, with all three musicians "taking part in every aspect of music-making," says Berge. The five songs don't sound like they would fit on either a Robyn album or Röyksopp album; once the trio figured that out, says Robyn, the mini-album began to take shape.

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