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R.A.C. - Bowery Ballroom - New York City, NY. - 11/14/13

I took a trip to see RAC (Remix Artist Collective) in NYC. The show was sold out so I was very lucky to have  bought my ticket when I did.  He played a hand full of shows this round making this a hot ticket, thus why I made the trek.  RAC has a collection of songs with guest vocalists so I wondered how he would make this happen. Most likely not every vocalist would be on tour so how do you compensate? 

Instead of RAC standing behind a Mac and you watching him push buttons, it's apparent he wanted to give us a full band experience. Essentially the keyboards, bass, drums, and guitars (Gibson Explorer :)) were covered live. Part of the active live light show was the LED graphics tower placed in the center. It was explained to me that it was a point of focus when a guest singer wasn't present which is brilliant actually.

I have to applaud RAC for giving us the full band experience. I think he sat down and wanted to present a live show differently than most remixers/dj live shows. Just like his label mates Disclosure, there was an emphasis on live instrumentation. He gave us musicians to hear and see, which supplied a more human feel. Shows are essentially sight and sound and if I had a singer who was there to see, then that was my focus. If the singer was not present, then I heard the original voice and zoned out on the tower of light. There were images projected on to the back white screen that actually hit the musicians as well so the white explorer became a screen on it's own.

I was not familiar with the songs that were not on the EP but they had a great first listen feel. He presented solid pop songs and a great live show that the sold out crowd loved. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Smashing Pumpkins.  He covered "1979" by the Pumpkins, adding to the coolness that was already established.  It was an enjoyable night of explorer guitars, friends, Pumpkin's covers, and cherrytree hoodies.

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