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Quizilla, Bill Kaulitz, and aching fingers -___-

Well if any of you heard of "kirascooby" on quizilla.... HIYA! xD
And for those of you who've never been to quizilla your whole entire life, and are intrested in Tokio Hotel fan fics, Hi to you too :D (if you wanna check some of my stories out here's a little sample: )
Any who. My fingers are killing me! I'm surprised i even decided to have fun with this blog thingy O_O
So... I'm trying to finish a one shot for someone about Bill.... but my fingers hurt and when my fingers hurt my mind refuses to function O.e
So yay :D just thought i'd share that with a whole bunch of random strangers :D
Now back to killing my hands -___-

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Tags: bill, fan, fiction, fingers, hotel, kaulitz, kirascooby, quizilla, random, story, More…tired, tokio


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