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Q&A with RAC: Why Does The Internet Love Remixing "Let It Go"?

What makes a song ‘remixable’? Like when you’re listening to a song, what types of things are you listening for?
Ah, it’s hard to explain. It can’t just be a track — it has to be a song. It can be any genre — Disney, pop, country, rock, whatever — but it just has to have that essence, that value, that a song has. Those make the easiest remixes. It’s in the vocals.

Why are the vocals so important?
Well the vocals are the most obvious part of the song — that’s definitely the part people connect with. It’s the inherent focus of the song, it tells a story, usually that’s where the title comes from. The vocals have mass appeal.

When I do a remix, actually, I rarely change the structure of the vocals for that reason. I’ll change everything else around it! But not that.

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