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Project Rhythm Seed chats with Adam Olenius from We Are Serenades

When asked what makes We Are Serenades different from other bands Adam tells me that the band is all about happy thoughts and sounds. This is specifically what he says about that:

“It’s meant to sound like nature and happiness. Markus and I, we both write other music. We write things for our other projects and those things can be very dark and heavy. But We Are Serenades is about… well, I don’t want to say paradise but it really does sound like paradise. We want it to be a happy place you want to go”

This strange, paradise creating sound comes from the way that Adam and Markus sing together. Instead of doing the typical “you sing, I sing” style of song, the two sing in unison creating a seamless, singular “third voice”.

By Mallory Leisten

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