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Mkay, two of my friends and I are planning to prank a few people at my school because they don't like us and (obvioulsy) we don't like them all that much either. Where I live, Goths, Sk8s, and anyone that doesn't have hip-hop as their style, are dissed. ALOT! Others think we're weird and they think that we 'cut' ourselves... that is stupid. So just to prove that we can have fun to and are not emo... My friends and I decided to make a hitlist. I need your help to come up with some decent pranks. my friend (kahdijah) just wants to jump ppl. she is quite the violent one and fast on her feet. My other friend (mya) is quite violent too... I think now that i said that, I'm the only peaceful one. XD!

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Tags: goth, hitlist, prank, rock, sk8rs


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